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We welcomes you for successful surrogacy in Ukraine and the U.S. As an international surrogacy agency and also a U.S company located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Wee care Partners LLC the foremost surrogacy agency has helped infertile couples, across the world to fulfill the beautiful dream of welcoming a new addition into their families. Our mission is to provide infertile couple, and single with a surrogacy process based on a personalized approach. Wee Care international Surrogacy and U.S based program offers service at affordable cost, and we provide a thorough understanding of our services offered, based on the requests of prospective parents.

Some parents who may not be able to produce a child naturally, generally choose Surrogacy as an option to  have a child. With the help of our valuable services, prospective parents from different parts of the world have returned their homeland with a new addition into their families.

As we have experienced personally the surrogacy process, we apprehend the emotional state of prospective  parents. We also know that you are here after going through a difficult phase with several past attempts at pregnancy. We understand that you are here with us, after pondering over it a lot. It is not the only issue, infertility can disturb the most trusted relationships. The Wee Care Surrogacy agency is run by the people who underwent the surrogacy process, we are here to help you in every aspect of this emotional experience.

We believe that every responsible parents and individuals have the right to experience the love of a child and the joy of becoming a parent. As an international surrogacy agency we welcome all the citizens of the world. We never encourage any kind of discrimination culture. As the leading surrogacy international agency , we offer a wide range of services and countries, which includes legal services, which helps in the post surrogacy process.

Dreams come true with us

Wee Care surrogacy assist you on your journey to overcome the issues that have kept you away from parenthood. We develop a plan and help you find a surrogate who can bring you to the end of that long road and start you on another, more exciting one. From the very beginning, we want you to gain an understanding of our unique approach to the surrogacy process and your family.

Our surrogacy agency partners, work personally with the most prominent surrogacy center. To ensure not only the finest care for your baby, but also the most comprehensive and up-to-date guidance through the legal system.

We believes in healthy and long-term relationship with our clients. In order to achieve excellence, our surrogacy agency knows that the happiness and satisfaction of our clients is paramount. Being the best means we will continue to be a leader in our field and continually enhance our partnership in Ukraine and the U.S to help build healthier families. Our success rate of IVF is built on our determination to give our clients the best service possible and to help them find the joy in their children that we've found in our children.

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