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WeeCare surrogacy was founded by Mary & Victor Hui Wee of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like many Wee Care clients, Victor and his wife Mary had always wanted children, but ran into more obstacles that they were prepared for, particularly when it came to their desire to raise a newborn. Whether it was local or international adoption, they were always faced with the same problems: too much red tape, too expensive, or too much competition. Things became more dire when laws about international adoption tightened, all but excluding a couple of their ages. IVF treatments also proved fruitless, leaving the couple with disappointment and $45,000 in medical bills. For a time, they gave up hope of ever achieving their dream. Mary completed her doctorate and Victor expanded his already successful businesses. But it wasn’t long before that familiar longing returned and a chance flip of the remote changed their lives.

Surrogacy, international or otherwise, had never occurred to Mary and Victor, because they had spent so much time on adoption and medical procedures, but an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on international surrogacy opened their eyes to the possibility that they really could have a child of their own. After much research and struggle, the couple decided to go it on their own and work with an oversea surrogacy clinic, a choice they are elated to have made, for they are now the proud parents.

Though it has a happy ending, to call Victor and Mary’s experience traumatic is an understatement. From exorbitant agency costs forany kind of assistance to paperwork requirements they’d never heard of after their child was born, they have been through the gauntlet of oversea surrogacy and realized that they didn’t want anyone else to suffer through the frustrations, pain, and fear they had to endure. Thus WeeCare surrogacy was born.

Taking his knowledge about all the things, great and small, that can go wrong in the process, Victor made multiple trips to oversea to study the surrogacy process, the legal system, medical centers, and the American Embassy’s requirements following birth. Partnering with the best medical and legal professionals, he has dedicated himself to helping families like his navigate the international surrogacy process, so that others can bring their babies into the world with a spirit of joy and relaxation. We look forward to welcoming you to our family as we embark on the journey of creating your family.

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

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