​​​​Become a parent - How does surrogacy in Ukraine work for us?

Upon contacting Weecare Surrogacy, one of our staff members will give you an overview of the program and answer any detailed questions you may have. If you decide that surrogacy and Weecare Surrogacy are right for you, then we can begin the application process and start researching  surrogates  and  egg donors,  depending on your needs. Once your application has been submitted, each applicant will be scheduled for a  free in-office consultation (by phone or web cam, if distance precludes a face to face meeting) with the  Executive Director of Weecare Partners DBA Weecare Surrogacy in order to provide a personalized evaluation  of your needs and discuss which surrogacy options will be just right for you.  

Certain medical tests must be performed before we start the program. Anyone biologically involved with the  baby is required to have these tests performed (at home, not abroad) before moving forward.

*The treating physician from Ukraine will review your medical records and determine whether additional tests are required.

After signing a retainer agreement, each client will have several documents to complete or provide, including  copies of medical reports from a doctor. The completed documents will be sent to us, and we will forward them to partners at in Ukraine for review. The women selected as possible  surrogates / donors  will be reviewed and narrowed down for your case based on the type of surrogacy you are looking for. Weecare Surrogacy also coordinates with our partner to schedule your appointments and begin the surrogacy process physically.

It is our job and our pleasure to assist you with all stages of the preparation required prior to your first trip to Ukraine and to ensure a smooth and successful journey. Your first trip to Ukraine will most likely last a week, at which time intended parents interview potential surrogate mothers and choose the mother with whom they wish to work ( Meeting the surrogate via Skype can be arranged). At this point, you will be able

to select any needed donors, visit the medical clinics and sign any remaining Ukraine contracts. 

As soon as you leave for the US or your home country, the process of preparing the surrogate mother and any donors for implantation starts immediately. Throughout the process and pregnancy, the intended parents will be provided with regular progress updates.  Our staff members  work closely with our medical clinics to make sure you receive updates on the condition of your surrogate mother and your baby in a timely manner.

When the child is born, you return to Ukraine! This second trip is generally 4 to 12 weeks long (depending on which country you are from) and can be the most intense step in the process. New parents must remain in Ukraine for the duration of the trip and will, at this point, undertake a great deal of paperwork and spend time at the Embassy. WCPU and their partners have already worked hard to see that our families have all the

necessary documentation for the birth certificate, passport and exit however, should anything go amiss, we will be with you, guiding you through the process and assisting you in any way we can. Your entire process, from the finalization of the birth certificate to the obtaining of the passport and visa, will be completed by our program coordinators in conjunction with our legal team. We want you and your baby back home as soon

as possible. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine  - Our program is designed for all intended parents regardless of their country; however, there are several countries in which surrogacy is illegal. For international clients, the first part of the research process should be determining whether or not their country has laws regarding not only surrogacy, but the legal and citizenship status of a baby born through surrogacy in another country.


To learn more about how to become a parent through surrogacy, please visit our FAQ section.

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