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Ukrainian gestational surrogate

Second only to the parents in this process, surrogate mothers are held in the highest esteem by Weecare surrogacy and its partners. For without their dedication and responsibility, we would be unable to bring so many wonderful children into the arms of their families. Our surrogates receive the best medical care in our partner facilities before, during and after pregnancy, a generous life insurance policy to protect their families, a welcome package when pregnancy is confirmed and a thank you gift after baby is delivered.

All our surrogates are healthy women between the age of 22 and 35 that have already experienced motherhood and that

want to help another person fulfill their dream of becoming a parent.

All our surrogate mothers are medically, psychologically and nutritionally supervised along the way to make sure they

are comfortable, healthy and happy.

Surrogacy in Ukraine - Steps to become a surrogate

  • The surrogates are women living in Ukraine.
  • Interview with manager and surrogate program coordinator.
  • The surrogates undergo a meticulous screening process before she is accepted to the program.
  • Good health overall.
  • Be between the ages of 22 to 35
  • Not have any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Not have any psychiatric illness.
  • Non smoker and not take illegal drugs.
  • Have successful pregnancy and delivery.
  • In a stable living situation.
  • A home visit from a social worker and a interview with her family members.
  • Have the support of her husband or spouse.
  • Refrain from alcohol throughout the pregnancy.
  • Enjoy pregnancy and motivated by the wish to help others create or add to their family.
  • Final interview with agency director.

* Food, clothing allowance, access to doctors, and wages are provided for the Surrogate during the pregnancy.