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1. We are an American owned company based in Michigan, U.S.A.
2. Weecare and our partners in Ukraine have assisted clients from all parts of the world.
3. Excellent reputation helping our clients to achieve success since 2010.
4. IVF procedures are handled at our private fertility center, which ensures a high success rate.
5. The intended parents can meet surrogacy candidates prior to making any decision.
6. Expedited matching with our database of surrogate's.
7. Ukraine has a high percentage of both quality surrogates and egg donors.
8. Weecare Program ensures that surrogate have medical and living expenses during the pregnancy. We guarantee the best care and nutrition are being given to your baby a round the clock.
9. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is approximately 40%-70% less than the cost of similar programs in Australia, Canada, European countries, and the United States.
10. As soon as your baby is born, both parents names are put on the birth certificate (SM name will not be on).
11. All clients of Weecare are given priority with our clinical partner in Ukraine, which means a shorter wait for you: between only 30-60 days.
12. We regularly update the latest developments of the surrogacy process to the intended parents through email and other services.
13. We have been through this too! Since we were founded by a couple who went through Surrogacy, we have insight into the little things that make a big difference when it comes to bringing home your baby as smoothly as possible.
14. Weecare offers convenient installment plans for fee payment.
15. Our various programs and wide range of services offer excellent choice. It is affordable and offers a flexible approach to the clients.

Surrogacy In Ukraine - Ukraine is legal, secure and stable option for childless married couples that want to start a family.

The city of Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and the country has explicit Federal legislation supporting surrogacy contracts for heterosexual, married couples. Embryo donation is legal, and egg donation is regulated by law. There is no visa require for European and American to enter the country for the purpose of surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Ukraine has a long history helping childless couples and has been a popular destination for international adoption, and also the country has been growing as a hub for overseas surrogacy.

Ukraine enjoys relatively high living standards, and surrogate mothers are accustomed to clean and safe living conditions and healthy food. The World Health Organization rates the Ukraine
as having low incidents of low birth weight and infant mortality. Ukraine ranking on the list of countries, which places it significantly ahead of both India and Thailand.

​Our partner clinics have up to date equipment based on Western medical protocols, and the medical staff of most private clinics have been trained in Europe and the United States.

In Ukraine, surrogacy is legal and was made to include the
definitions of surrogacy and surrogate mother, ensuring paternity of the contracting parents that have a child through the help of a surrogate woman.

Legal aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine are regulated by Article 123
of The Ukrainian Family Code (amended December 22, 2006,
No. 524-V). A married couple can choose between gestational surrogacy, egg/sperm donation. No specific permission from any regulatory body is required. All that’s required is a written informed consent of all parties (intended parents and surrogate) participating in the surrogacy program and related agreements, confirming the arrangement.

Ukrainian legislation allows intended parents to carry on a
surrogacy program and IP's names will be on Birth certificate of the child born as a result of the surrogacy program from the very beginning. The child is considered to be legally "belonging" to the intended parents from the very moment of conception. The surrogate can't keep the child after the birth. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine make it possible to create family