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Surrogacy in Ukraine  


On behalf of my husband, Samuel, my daughter, and myself, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude for making our trip a remarkable experience. The IVF process is a delicate and sensitive issue for everyone involved, and we appreciated your understanding and helpfulness in assisting us in navigating our way through this journey.

The informative discussions we had with your treatment team were helpful for Sam and I, and the overall coordination and execution of activities went relatively well. We are thankful that we were able to resolve issues related to the change in the hospital, and the surrogate. We also appreciate your local coordinators for the time spent assisting us with the contract revisions and last minute changes. We also wish to thank Victor Hui-Wee for his continued support and direction, and organizing of the visit. We would also like to add that we are excited about working with Ruby.

I would like to request that you contact me or Sam, if you have any updates, questions or concerns. We understand the inevitable challenges we will face, yet we remain optimistic and encouraged knowing that God is in control of the outcome, yet we are also assured that with you, we are in the right hands.

Peace be with you.

Best regards,

Sam, Kym and Amina



"A few weeks ago we returned home with two beautiful babies born through surrogacy in abroad.  We have used WeeCare Surrogacy as our agent and are completely satisfied with the services that they have provided to us. Taking the surrogacy journey is a difficult decision as it is fraught with risks and uncertainty. WeeCare reduces most of these risks. We could trust in them right away because, Victor Hui-Wee, the executive director has taken the surrogacy journey himself. Victor was straight forward with us and  most helpful throughout our journey. Once we signed up with WeeCare, we were given quick access to the partner and also flexibility to choose when we want to start our journey.

Victor provided with thorough support throughout the process, including detailed information about what to expect, conference calls before we embark on our initial trip and the final trip to pick-up the babies. Victor always responds quickly to e-mail and telephone queries and phone us several times when we are oversea to provide support. When we look at our babies now, we marvel that we are able to have such a beautiful family. We know that we could not have completed the surrogacy journey without the support and encouragement from WeeCare Surrogacy."

Thank you so much!

S & G Canadian


Hi Weecare,

We've been extremely satisfied with the service you've provided us to date. My husband has  said multiple times that we would have never attempted this without your assistance. As I think I've mentioned to you, the fact that you and your wife underwent this process yourselves (twice in fact) was the greatest recommendation to us. To me this meant that the decisions about who in Ukraine to work with and which facilities to utilize were not decisions made impersonally or only for professional reasons, rather that they were good enough for you to entrust your family. You have always responded to our questions and concerns in a timely manner. You've walked us through every aspect as much as possible. This gives us a great deal of comfort and piece of mind. I can't imagine going through this without your assistance. Even when you were in oversea you managed to respond to a question I had. We're very grateful for that. Although you always interact with us in a professional manner we also feel that we are not just a number and that you're always doing your best for us. We're also very grateful to have your assistance in ensuring communication with your partners and other service providers (e.g.,hotel, transportation) abroad. We've been very satisfied with that aspect and very grateful to have it. We're also very grateful that you and Dr. M. worked with us to provide a third chance. We didn't expect it and we don't feel it was owed to us in any way but this

was an opportunity that we wouldn't have been able currently to go forward with otherwise. We've been very touched and grateful for that opportunity and are hopeful that things will all work out this time.

Thanks again for everything!

Hope you're doing well,



“Victor is a very reliable resource one can trust when they make the trip to oversea. He has connections pertaining to the medical support, housing, domestic help and he tops it with giving us, the client, his 110% of advice and guidance. I had relied heavily on Victor’s advice before embarking on this trip and continued through the (almost) year-long process. He was always available to take my calls and was responsive via email as well. He gave us a lot of valuable tips pertaining to the US Embassy Processing as well as exiting the country. I personally appreciate all his tips as I went through the processes with the correct set of documents, photocopies, photos, etc. I believe my time with the authorities and their formalities were cut in half, due to the instructions I followed based on my discussions with Victor. I would recommend him without a second thought to anyone I know.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity



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Surrogacy in Ukraine Surrogacy In Ukraine Egg Donor Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy in Ukraine Surrogacy In Ukraine Egg Donor Surrogate Mother